Chairwoman’s message

Chng Sok Hoong
Chairwoman 2012/2013

I must say it is of great joy indeed, to be able to pen down a few words here.

In conjunction with our celebration of 65thanniversary this year, I would like to also share with you that we are going into a new transitional period where you will see more of the involvement of our younger committee members. The revamp of this website, as well as our gala dinner held in June, are just some new initiatives fronted mainly by the new committee members.

As an active member during the past years in the Alumni, I am very pleased to see that the younger generation of members in the current committee is so passionate about their current roles. This shows that the spirit of continuing our core values of supporting the school, preserving our heritage and culture within Nan Chiau, as well as nurturing the talent of the leaders-to-be, is still going on very strong.

We will continue to strive to do our best moving forward and we look forward to your continued support.

Sincerely ,
Chng Sok Hoong (Class of 1967)

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