Youth of Nan Chiau

[alert style=”white”]Energetic and full of Vibrance! We are Young Warriors; we are the Youth of Nan Chiau! [/alert]


Not yet 21 and having a burning passion for Nan Chiau? We welcome all young graduates from Nan Chiau aged 21 and below to join Youth of Nan Chiau, the youth wing under Nan Chiau Alumni Association (NCAA)!

Who we are

We are a bunch of fun-loving youth graduated from Nan Chiau with the dynamism to inject the vibrance to our fellow graduates!

What we do

We provide backend support for the “real adults” in NCAA during events, gatherings and whenever they need us! On an ad-hoc basis, we organize activities for our juniors at NCHS or NCPS. We bond together as a youngster team. Trust us, it is hard work but it is all great fun. You can also know more friends too.

Who should join

Anyone including YOU, as long as you are aged 21 and below and is a Nan Chiau graduate!

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