History & Milestones

[alert style=”white”] During our days at Nan Chiau, we are taught by our teachers to contribute back to the society.
Throughout the years, the Alumni endeavours to organize activities that benefit members and our fellow juniors. [/alert]


From the 1990s – 1999

1990: The Nan Chiau Alumni Association was formed on 12 January.

1994: NCAA sponsored the installation of borrowing counter in NCHS Library.

1995: Introduced enrichment classes such as Chinese Creative Writing, Abacus, English and Speech & Drama for students.

1997: Held a 100-table banquet in celebration of the school’s Golden Jubilee.

1998: Organized Karaoke Singing Classes for Alumni Members and after-school care centre for Students.

1999: Formed the NCAA Choir. [/one_half_last]


From the 2000 – 2010

2000: Held a Homecoming Banquet for more than 1000 old boys and girls.
The after-school care centre was discontinued in November as the school was slated to move to her new site in Seng Kang.

2001: Launched Nan Chiau Primary Weekend Activities.
Formed the Nan Chiau Youth Alumni (NCYA) on 26 January.
NCYA organiszd the Secondary One Leadership Camp for the pioneer students at Sengkang Campus .

2002: Organized a Walkathon to raise funds for the school.

2004: NCYA organized Prom Night for the pioneer Graduating Class of Sengkang Campus.

2005: Organized a Walkathon to raise funds for the school. Students from both NCHS and NCPS participated in the walk.

2007: Organized PerserveRUNce, an overnight Heritage Cycling Relay that brought participants around the island through 60 stations to mark the school’s 60th Anniversary. Spanning over 12 hours, we visited historical landmarks, our four sister schools, the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan and the old school site at Kim Yam Road. The route relived memories of our seniors and gave a glimpse of the past to the juniors.

2009: Organized the “Yellow River” Concert together with Chung Cheng High School Alumni.




From 2010 & beyond

2010: “PerserveRUNce II” an event served as a continuation of PerserveRUNce, was organized to mark the school’s 63rd Anniversary and the Alumni’s 20thAnniversary. This is a round-the-island walkathon relay which brought participants through historical landmarks and most importantly the old school site at Kim Yam Road.


2012: In conjunction with NCHS’s award as a SAP school and NCPS as a Microsoft Future School, the Alumni had organized a Celebratory cum Homecoming dinner to mark these special moments.



For more details on our past events, do check out our Past Events gallery!


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