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About Nan Chiau Alumni Association

Starting out in the Alumni Club House situated in the old school campus at Kim Yam Road, the Nan Chiau Alumni Association (NCAA) was founded on 12 January 1990 by a group of enthusiastic students who pursued their education in both the primary and secondary sections of Nan Chiau High School.

In December 2000, Nan Chiau High School, together with its ancillary primary school, was relocated to Seng Kang New Town and started operation as two schools. With this move, NCAA now functions at both Nan Chiau Primary School and Nan Chiau High School. A new chapter in the history of Nan Chiau has commenced.

NCAA has great dedication towards improving the learning experiences of the students. We work closely with the schools to preserve the traditional values of the schools while also placing emphasis on five aspects of students’ development: moral, physical, cognitive, social and aesthetic. In 2001, the NCAA began the Weekend Activities Program at Nan Chiau Primary School to complement the school curriculum and provide a holistic education for her pupils. The success of its developments and operations are attributed to the combined efforts of its members who uphold the moral values articulated in the schools’ motto, “Sincerity and Perseverance”.

Realizing the need to cater to the younger graduates, Nan Chiau Youth Alumni was formed in 2005, thus injecting new blood to the team and bringing NCAA to greater heights.



[one_third]OUR MISSION [alert style=”white”] To promote, maintain close contact and friendship amongst members

To establish and maintain contact with graduands; and provide academic and cultural services

To promote and organize community services [/alert][/one_third]

[one_third_last] OUR VISION [alert style=”white”] To be an independent, all-rounded organization that bridges Nan Chiau graduates and Nan Chiau family of school with assistance and connections. [/alert] [/one_third_last]

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